Who We Are

Our Story has Deep Roots

Our story dates back to 1960, an iconic year marked by the sweet life and a decade of growth and innovation. Fondati da Vittorio Cenzi, ci siamo sempre distinti per l’importanza che diamo ai legami umani e alla passione nel nostro lavoro.
Carla and Franca Cenzi, who grew up professionally alongside their father, have inherited not only his values but also the vision to take the company into the future. Thanks to a well-defined strategy that includes stylistic research and investments in technology, we have continued to grow and innovate
From the days of 1960 to today, our passion and determination remain unchanged.

We look to the future with the same enthusiasm and commitment that have characterized our history.

Made in Italy

The Distinctive Sign of Our Excellence

Made in Italy is more than a brand; it is a symbol of quality and creativity that resonates globally.
We guard a heritage of values and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation, making each piece unique in its design and quality.


Our Dynamism is Creative

Our creative dynamism is what distinguishes us in the industry. Over the years, we have evolved our philosophy of research and production to modernize the traditional concept of jewelry.

Continually updated to satisfy the taste of the modern woman, these jewels are made with artisanal mastery, cutting-edge technology, and a personal touch by our expert goldsmiths.

We also offer personalized solutions to meet exclusive needs, with a wide range of colors and decorations.
The Cenzi Vittorio quality is evident in every detail, from the shape to the craftsmanship.

Our Values

The Pillars that Guide Our Company and Our Relationships


Seriousness is essential to establish trustful relationships with clients and partners.


Our transparency is the foundation for solid and lasting commercial relationships.


We are a reliable partner, with a long history of high-quality products.


We treat everyone with respect, recognizing the importance of human relationships in business.


The presence of employees with over thirty years of experience testifies to our commitment to excellence.


Innovation allows us to remain competitive and offer cutting-edge solutions.


Accreditations and Certifications

Since 1960, correctness and loyalty have guided our relations with collaborators and clients. This ethos was formalized with the registration to RJC, highlighting our commitment to solid business ethics.

This ethos was formalized with the registration to RJC, highlighting our commitment to solid business ethics.

Franca Cenzi

” Every jewel is a story handcrafted, a masterpiece awaiting its protagonist.”