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The story of Vittorio Cenzi Gioielli

Founded by Vittorio Cenzi in 1960, the company has become a benchmark in the goldsmith industry.

Our strength lies in the human connection and passion for detail, elements that make each creation unique.

Our Identity

Vittorio Cenzi, our founder, and later his daughters Carla and Franca Cenzi, have devoted their soul and body to the company, thanks to their commitment and passion. These principles are at the heart of our creations.

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The Art of Goldsmithing in Every Creation

Every piece of Vittorio Cenzi Gioielli jewelry is more than a simple accessory: it is a work of art, the result of a goldsmith tradition that combines passion, detail, and artisanal mastery.

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“Every jewel is a story handcrafted, a masterpiece awaiting its protagonist.”