Ethics and values


Our dynamism is creativity

Through the years we have refined our work on research and production, aiming at a change in the classical idea of jewellery, modernising it. Creative dynamism has become our distinctive trait: we travel the world, we inform ourselves on trends, we “feel” the market; and then we generate and regenerate ideas and shapes, transforming pencil strokes into jewellery with personality.

Our creative vitality is expressed in the design and crafting of the jewellery carrying the brand names of My Vice and My Cleo, constantly updated to meet the taste and style of the contemporary woman: we meet our objective following criteria of industrious mastery, deploying state-of-the-art machinery and the skilful, unreplaceable craft of expert goldsmiths in decorating gold surfaces with motifs and designs. And then, for clients with exclusive demands, we reserve the option for customised solutions, an extensive range of colour combinations and alternative decorations.

Cenzi Vittorio’s quality, therefore, is tangible in the harmonious shapes and productive details: it is the sum of knowledge and time employed in creating each individual jewel, merging goldsmith tradition, technological innovation and creativity.

Our values

Reflect authenticity




Determination, commitment and reliability are the values pulsating in the Cenzi Vittorio heart. These permeate the company’s internal and external relationships: strengthening partnerships with clients, consolidating relations with suppliers and collaborators, fortifying the staff’s sense of belonging.
So much so, that there are members in our team that have been with us for over thirty years: their experience guarantees a product that is qualitatively impeccable.



Respect and transparency distinguish our relationships with employees and clients alike.
We are fully aware of the social responsibility of our enterprise, an organisation operating on the territory, offering opportunities in the spheres of work, growth and economic wellbeing. And we are furthermore aware of the importance that respect and openness assume in commercial relationships: to build collaborations that are fruitful and, above all, destined to be long lasting.


Credits and Certifications

Since the start in 1960 Vittorio Cenzi’s way of doing business and his relashionship with the workforce as well as with customers and suppliers adhered to his principles of honesty and loyalty. That was not an officially certified and detailed-in-paragraphs code. It was the main trait of his character that led him to respect his neighbours and acknowledge their value. To him, just a shake of hands was a binding commitment. That essence has passed down to us and to this day it instills inspiration into our daily work. Now, we have chosen to formally bolster and certify those ethical principles through the RJC certificate. In fact, we are committed to interpret our role as entrepreneurs as part of a context in which qualities and responsibilities of all subjects involved should be properly valued. As a matter of fact, we look at professional qualities and responsibilities as traits that integrate and nurture each other. Ultimately, it is in this respect that we aim at producing an environment where shared values and principles support the excellence of our products and services.

Franca e Carla Cenzi