Our story begins in 1960: the year of “la dolce vita”, made famous by Federico Fellini’s film, the year that started a brilliant decade of economic growth, modernisation of production activities and great cultural and social evolutions. It was in that year that Vittorio Cenzi established his firm, OUR firm: he committed himself totally to it, with all his skills and the utmost enthusiasm, so much so that he wanted to “sign” it with his own name. Still nowadays, this is a name of which we’re all extremely proud, and the reason is easily explained.

Cenzi Vittorio is born with a very definite imprint: a company in which the bonds created between those involved are the fundamental trait of their daily work, an indispensable element in goldsmith creations, which call for passion, care and respect. Carla and Franca Cenzi grew up gaining their experience by their father Vittorio’s side, assimilating his professional values and talent for looking to the future. They inherited the determination necessary for driving the company history even further: through an enlightened vision of the markets, constant research into styling and important technological investments.

From that long-past 1960, many “golden years” have passed… From then onwards, united by never waning enthusiasm and determination, we continue to look towards the future.